The owner of the Realty Tower building in downtown Youngstown, which exploded two and a half weeks ago has been given until Monday to deliver a plan to stabilize the building.

This follows a report from a structural engineer stating the building was in imminent danger of collapsing due to heavy damage to columns on the first floor of the building.

According to a press release, if the building owner does not deliver the plan by the end of the business day on Monday, the city will find a structural engineer to start the process of safely stabilizing the building.

"Youngstown residents are out of their homes and our businesses are losing money. We simply cannot wait any longer while they seem to be more focused on their bottom line instead of the well being of our city," the release reads.

As a result of the structural engineer's findings, residents of the nearby International Towers building were given three days to evacuate their apartments. This evacuation and relocation process is now underway.

Once everyone has been evacuated and relocated, the Youngstown Police and Fire Departments will conduct safety and welfare checks of the building.

The explosion at Realty Tower was the result of a contractor cutting a gas line while doing utility work in the basement of the building. The contractor who cut the gas line was vetted by the city.

21 News asked multiple times where the money came from to vet this contractor, but city officials would not comment only saying it's under investigation at this time.