Warren Police have arrested two people after they say they were found living with a three-year-old girl in an apartment filled with feces, bugs, and trash.

Twenty-five-year-old Zackary Woomer and 27-year-old Adrianna Bellar each pleaded “not guilty” to child endangering during their arraignment Friday from the county jail.

Police went to the South St. SE apartment just after midnight Friday after receiving a tip that the child was living among mice and feces on the walls and floor.

Officers didn’t even have to step inside to know something was wrong.

 “From outside of the door I could smell a foul odor of feces and observed several bugs crawling from the cracks of the door,” one officer wrote in the report.

The narrative of the police report describes what officers found after Bellar opened the door and let them inside:

“I first observed trash all over the ground, counters, and shelves. There was old rotten spoiled food included in the open trash laying around the apartment. As I walked deeper into the apartment, I further observed feces matted into the carpet and floor. The feces were everywhere, and I could not avoid stepping on it.

Police say they spotted Woomer wearing only underwear, standing barefoot in feces.

Stepping over trash, an officer reported the following on the way to the child’s room:

When shining my flashlight, I observed bugs flying in my face and crawling on the walls. The bathroom I walked past had more feces on the tile around the toilet.

The officer says the child and an adult male were lying on a bare mattress with trash scattered around the room.

After ordering everyone out of the apartment, Police say Bellar blamed her neighbors for not being able to take out the trash.

Bellar and Woomer were handcuffed and taken to jail.

Children’s Services contacted a relative to come over and take the child.

In addition to setting a $5,000 bond, Judge Natasha Natale ordered that the suspects could have no contact with the child.

Another court hearing is scheduled for August.