Reaction is coming in following the final report from the NTSB on the East Palestine train derailment.

During the hearing held at East Palestine High School, the Board discussed the results of the final investigative report on the derailment identifying some of the issues that led to the derailment and how to address them to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

The NTSB found that the probable cause of the February 3 derailment was the failure of a wheel bearing on the 23rd rail car causing it to separate from its axle.

Ohio State Representative Lauren McNally shared her thoughts on bills to enhance railroad safety:

"The information shared with the public for the first time can be a lot to digest and can certainly resurface the anger and frustration many have felt for more than a year since the train derailment. My office has marked this day on our calendars since we first learned the findings were coming and now have several follow-up meetings planned with stakeholders following this report," said Rep. McNally. "As a state lawmaker, one of my top priorities has been making the people of East Palestine whole, now and for their lifetimes, as well as making sure this situation never happens again. It's in that spirit, it's not lost on me how several of the recommendations from the NTSB are items Ohio House Democrats have worked hard to implement on many different occasions, either through budgets or as stand-alone bills. Unfortunately, they continue to get sidelined. This is unacceptable. My colleagues on the other side of the aisle need to understand the urgency of these proposals, proposals that are supported by workers, and stand up to the powerful railroads like Norfolk Southern so that we can keep our communities safe."

Senator JD Vance released the following statement:

"The findings shared by NTSB Chair Homendy today confirm many of my worst fears," said Senator Vance. "The derailment and subsequent chemical explosion were preventable tragedies resulting from a series of errors made by Norfolk Southern and its contractors. The NTSB findings also call the Biden Department of Justice's premature settlement into serious question. Had they waited for these findings to be revealed, they could have secured more for the people of East Palestine. Finally, these findings underscore the need for Congress to pass the Railway Safety Act, which would go a long way to improve our rail safety standards and prevent future disasters like what happened in East Palestine. I won't stop fighting for those residents until they get the accountability they deserve."

Senator Sherrod Brown's statement can be found below:

"Today, the NTSB made crystal clear what we have been saying for over a year – stronger rail safety regulations are needed immediately. Congress needs to pass the Railway Safety Act to enact stronger safety rules and hold the big railroad companies accountable. This report shows that Norfolk Southern's greed and neglect for public safety is the reason this derailment happened, and the people of East Palestine have suffered the consequences. As I've told the people of East Palestine — and as I keep telling them: I'm here for the long haul. I will keep fighting to hold Norfolk Southern accountable and to ensure we take action to prevent another derailment like the one that devastated East Palestine," said Brown.

The Association of American Railroads said the report will help make railroads safer.

"NTSB investigators have spent over a year analyzing the derailment's causes to inform recommendations aimed at preventing similar accidents," said Michael Rush, Senior Vice President of AAR Safety and Operations. "Railroads implemented substantial, industry-wide improvements in response to the NTSB's initial findings. With the final report, railroads will carefully evaluate key learnings and determine next steps to meaningfully advance safety."