A Youngstown City councilwoman is calling on Mayor Tito Brown to stabilize the Realty Building ahead of the planned demolition. 

In a letter to the mayor, Third Ward Councilwoman Samantha Turner highlights the threat the Realty Building poses to public safety, and requests that Mayor Brown and his administration stabilize the building so that they can plan a safe and controlled demolition. 

In their letter, councilwoman Turner addresses the growing concerns among residents about the safety of downtown, and the uncertainty of residents of the Realty Building, International Towers and downtown businesses. 

Turner writes, "The sustained delay has led to the displacement of residents, financial instability for businesses, and the potential hazard to public safety."  

Turner lists multiple reasons why Mayor Brown should stabilize the building ahead of demolition, citing community heritage, ensuring public safety, boosting community morale, and economic considerations. 

"The current state of the building's foundation poses a risk to the safety of residents and visitors. By addressing these structural issues promptly, we can prevent any accidents or injuries due to the building's damage," writes councilwoman Turner. 

Mayor Brown announced earlier this week that the building owners have until July 5th to present demolition plans to the city. 

Turner told 21 News that something has to happen now, and stabilizing the building is in the best interest of downtown and public safety. This is in light of a structural engineer's report that found the building to be in "imminent" danger of collapse due to extensive damage from the explosion, which occurred on May 28. 

The building has remained unsecured ever since. 

In her letter, Turner also highlights that stabilizing the Realty Building will allow residents to retrieve essential belongings, return residents to International Towers and re-open Doubletree, the Bistro, and Huntington Bank.