The Y LIVE Tim McGraw concert was rescheduled for September 2025, citing the recent downtown Youngstown explosion and logistical issues.

JAC Management said that attendees can get a refund, but what happens if you bought tickets through a third party?

The BBB and JAC said you may be out of luck, depending on the seller's policies. 

Although JAC Management said people can "hold on to their tickets" for next year, or "return their tickets to point of purchase for a refund" within 30 days, that doesn't necessarily hold for secondary sales of tickets. 

One local man said he bought four Y LIVE tickets from a third party but can't make next year's show, and has not been able to get a refund.

The COO of JAC Management said JAC is not responsible for the policies of other sellers, and that JAC has previously put out notices to only buy through ticket master or the JAC box office since those are the sales JAC does have control over.

The Better Business Bureau said any time you purchase tickets otherwise, you're subject to risks, including the third-party seller's policies. 

BBB said it's important to understand the refund policy and writes, "You should only purchase tickets from a reseller that provides clear details about the terms of the transaction."

It's also good to know whether the seller is accredited through the National Association of Tickets Brokers on

BBB said members of that organization are more likely to resolve issues. BBB also adds that ticket buyers should be wary of advertisements. When you search the web for tickets, ads for cheap offers will often appear and it's important to use good judgment.