Businesses along Western Reserve Road in Boardman are struggling after another section of road is closed.

The stretch between Market Street and Southern Boulevard is shut down for the next two weeks.

It started yesterday, July 8, as part of an ongoing widening project along Western Reserve but the shops along that section say it's already taking a big toll on them.

"Its cut our business during this construction time in half," said Brandon Hacker, the store manager for the Boardman Sparkle Market. "So by 50%, maybe upwards of 65%. So what does that do internally for our employees? They need to work but if you have no business, how are they supposed to work?"

Hacker adds that they can move employees to other Sparkles if they have to.

However, it's not easy for the other businesses in the impacted area, which only have one location.

Despite the construction, these businesses are still open.