A couple of lottery players shopping at Valley grocery stores are more than $90,000 richer after buying winning scratch-off tickets.

The Ohio Lottery Commission says Jeraldine Lisko bought a $5 scratch-off, 7 Gems at the Sparkle Market in Craig Beach and won $77,000.

“I was shocked. I was surprised,” she says. “I then just bought a random ticket and then I was surprised that when I scratch it, you know, I got the prize.”

After mandatory state and federal taxes totaling 28 percent, Jeraldine will receive approximately $55,440.

She plans to use her winnings for her house, car payments, and bills.

The commission also reports that a lottery player won $50,000 on the Ohio Lottery’s scratch-off,?Money Maker.

The winner purchased his ticket at Nemenz IGA Stores, on Creed St in Struthers.

After mandatory federal and state tax withholdings, the winner will take home approximately $36,000.