Youngstown police officers were called to an alleged scene of felonious assault early Wednesday morning.

According to the police report, police were called to E. Midlothian Blvd. for a woman bleeding.

When police arrived, officers heard a woman screaming for help with a large cut on her right arm and bleeding profusely.

The alleged victim told police she was driving with her with her friend "Bob" drinking when they stopped in the 70 block of E. Midlothian Blvd. The woman told police that they gave a man a ride to the location when he attacked them. 

She said a suspect in the backseat of the car pulled out a knife and stabbed "Bob," who got out of the vehicle and ran south toward Helena Avenue.

The report said that the suspect began fighting with the woman, who was arguing over her keys and cell phone. 

The suspect then fled on foot towards W. Midlothian. 

Officers said that no now named "Bob" never showed up at any local hospital for treatment for knife wounds, but the woman was transported for her injuries and was listed in stable condition.

The report noted that the backseat was filled with clothing and other objects and stated it would have been "hard for someone to be sitting in the back seat." 

Officers went to the hospital to question the alleged victim again, who, according to the report, stated "it was a long story and she was stupid."