On a small hilltop overlooking part of Columbiana County Memorial Park sits dozens of its littlest graves.

Many, whose names hadn't been honored there for decades.

"There's a lot of unmarked graves out here in what we refer to as 'Baby Land,'" said Kelly Linger, who serves on the cemetery's board of directors.

Employees of Memorial Park launched the initiative to honor a total of 46 unmarked sites back in 2021.

So far, they've collected nearly one thousand dollars for the cause, which allowed them to purchase and install 23 infant grave markers.

"There are still approximately 24 to 26 unmarked graves out here, or graves that need the markers replaced, and we can purchase those at a cost of 45 dollars per marker. So it's just under 12 hundred dollars that we're trying to fundraise to cover the rest of the infant graves that remain unmarked at this time," Linger added.

If you are interested in making a donation, the Columbiana County Memorial Park Cemetery asks that you please contact their office at 330-385-2190, or visit in person at 6078 Irish Ridge Rd East Liverpool, Ohio 43920