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Youngstown police say "erratic" suspect hid drugs in tooth cavities

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A man with previous drug charges is once again behind bars- this time accused of hiding drugs in plain sight. 

According to a police report, Willis Avenue neighbors called police after witnessing 36-year-old William Cupan running through the streets and "trying to fight the snow". 

Officers say that when they got on the scene they found Willis stumbling from the sidewalk into the street, sweating, and acting erratically. 

Cupan allegedly told officers that he had been chased by three guys that were trying to steal a pair of shoes that he was carrying. 

Police say that Cupan told them he had been running through lawns and hopping over fences to avoid getting jumped. 

According to the report, officers patted Cupan down and felt an object in his pocket. Cupan allegedly told officers that they could go ahead an search his pockets. 

Authorities say an officer pulled a crack pipe out of Cupan's pocket, at which point he allegedly said: "Oh, I forgot that was in there man". 

The report says Cupan eventually admitted that he was hoping to meet a guy and trade the shoes for crack cocaine. 

Cupan allegedly told police that he was "on a cocktail of Klonopin, alcohol, and crack cocaine". Police say drug tests came back positive for cocaine and opiates. 

A report says that while they were driving to the Mahoning County Jail the police officer noticed Cupan rocking back and forth and kicking his feet. The officer said he assumed Cupan was "experiencing restlessness and jitters" because of his drug intake. 

But as an officer pulled him out of the cruiser, the report says there was a white powder and crumbs on the floorboards, seat, and all around Cupan. 

Police say Cupan stated that he had eaten crack cocaine and "hidden it in the crevices where he had lost teeth". 

Officers say that after Cupan had been taken out of the car he continued to grind his foot along the floor of the jail. An officer reportedly lifted Cupan's foot and found a large bag of a "white crumbly substance". 

The police report says Cupan admitted that it was heroin.

Because there was allegedly a large amount of the white powder on CUpan's back, arms, hands, and buttocks, the jail would not book him without a medical exam. 

After being taken to the hospital and discharged, Cupan was reportedly booked into the jail on charges of possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, and illegally conveying drugs into a detention facility. 

Cupan was arraigned in Youngstown Municipal Court on Monday and is scheduled to appear back in court later this week. 

Cupan was in trouble last year in Brookfield when a parole officer called Brookfield Police after finding what police described at "numerous syringes and spoons" in the bedroom where the couple was staying with a four-month-old baby.

Trumbull County Children's Services removed the baby from the home.

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