You might say that the odds were stacked against a man accused of robbing a south side payday lender.  Police not only got a description of the suspect from three employees of the business, but also had information from a tracking device to locate his whereabouts.

According to a report filed by Youngstown police, a man pulled a handgun inside the Cashland on Midlothian Boulevard Tuesday morning and ordered all three employees to empty their cash drawers into the bag.

When the thief fled, one of the store employees ran outside, but couldn't spot a getaway car.  What the robber didn't know was that one of the bundles of cash in his bag of loot contained a hidden GPS tracking device. 

Authorities traced the stolen loot along I-680 to Youngstown's north side.

Using the description of the suspect, police arrested 32-year-old Lesean Edge in the parking lot of the Enterprise car rental at Rayen and Fifth Avenues just minutes after the robbery.  Police say Edge had a gun and the stolen money.

Police also say paperwork left behind at the Cashland store listed the address of a woman with the same last name at the suspect.

Edge was arraigned on a charge of aggravated robbery in Youngstown Municipal Court on Wednesday.

He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for September 4.