It was standing room only inside Mathews High School Monday night.  People wanted to know if their water was safe following a spill of an oily type substance near the Kleese Development Associates injection well in Vienna Township.

Trustees invited representatives from O.D.N.R. and the Ohio E.P.A. to answer questions.  There were a lot of questions and concerns.

Julie Barr of Vienna Township voiced her concerns. "Nobody's come to my house to test my water. My three kids are still taking baths in it and still brushing their teeth in it."

But E.P.A. officials say they aren't expecting there to be any problems with the water based on their preliminary data.

Kurt Kollar from the Ohio E.P.A. said, "The aquifer should not be impacted. We had a spill. Drainage tiles carried it to the surface. Oil floats and this was an oil material. The testing will confirm that."

The E.P.A. says over 2,000 gallons of the yet to be identified material leaked into a tributary of Little Yankee Run.  They say it may effect some households in a half-mile radius of the spill.

They say water samples have been taken and some of those results are expected to be made available late Tuesday.

"We're going to have them analyzed for volatile organic compounds, the semi-volatile organic compounds and a list of parameters supplied by O.D.N.R. that they typically target for oil and gas-related incidents," Kollar said.

County health officials say people can take precautions until test results come in.

Frank Migliozzi, Environmental Director for the Trumbull county Health Department, said "Anybody who is concerned should drink bottled water for the time being. I will tell you what you want to do with bathing is take cooler water and for shorter periods of time."

According to the Ohio E.P.A. the operator ceased operations Friday and they won't start back up until the source of the leak is identified, they will clean up the spill and they also review the site plan for the operator.