A video sent to 21 News by a viewer shows some young people engaging in dangerous activity while visiting Lanterman's Mill in Mill Creek MetroPark.

MetroParks Police Chief James Willock was asked to view the video, which shows several young people ignoring warning signs and climbing onto the rock ledges above Lanterman Falls.

The chief says the video is disturbing because of the potential danger. "The issue is it's a significant drop to the rock below. That's the reason why it's marked as dangerous. It's for the safety of the people visiting the park," Chief Willock said.

The young people ignored the warning signs and safety railings, and at one point, sit on the very edge of the drop off and put their feet in the water at the top of the falls.

The chief says a fall from those rocks could be fatal. "There's moss on the rocks, which can become very slippery and if you slip there's no coming back," said Willock.

There is no easy access near the falls, making any rescue effort more difficult. "So even if someone called and said someone fell in here, they could be a half mile downstream before we were able to get to you," . 

The park is a beautiful place to visit but it is not without hazards, and parents are urged to keep a close watch on children.

"Keep them on the trails; keep them in the designated areas. Obey the signs. They are there for a reason," said Willock.