The man accused of a deadly shooting in Howland that killed two people and hurt three others appeared in court on Thursday for a pre-trail hearing.  

More than a dozen supporters, donning shirts that read "Protect the Castle Doctrine", watched as Nasser Hamad waived his right to a speedy trial.

"He is the only one in jail and the people that attacked him, came to his private property, beat him up, why are they not in jail? Has to be the race," said Nasser Hamad's brother Mike Hamad.

Mike Hamad says his brother's supporters want to see justice.  They believe Hamad's Muslim faith played a role in his arrest.  The family questions why the five people, who came to Hamad's home, have not been charged with any crimes.

"It is a serious charge they have against him.  Unfortunately, two people died, but if that van did not come to his property there won't be no tragedy there," said Hamad.

A document filed by the prosecution on  Thursday sheds more light on the case.  

A Bill of Particulars, which had been requested by the defense, alleges that Hamad engaged in a Facebook argument for hours prior to the shooting.  They claim he sent several messages including the following:

"Bring your gang I dont need guns for u"

"I waiting and blind open..i never call 911 don't worry!!!"

The filing also says Hamad began shooting at the van from his front porch before walking 70 feet to the van, where they claim he continued to shoot.  They say he returned that same distance when he went inside to retrieve a new magazine for his gun.

Hamad's next pre-trial hearing has been set for May 18.

His jury trial is scheduled to begin September 18.