With winter storms hitting a majority of the east coast, many flights to and from major airports have been canceled or delayed. 

So far, 47 flights have been canceled at the Cleveland Hopkins airport and 36 flights have been delayed. 

The Pittsburgh International airport is currently at 34 delays and 55 cancelations. 

Akron-Canton Regional Airport is only at 2 cancelations and 7 delays. 

For those flying in these conditions, prepare to be at the airport longer than you expected due to delays. 

In the future, try getting a non-stop flight to avoid being stuck in an unfamiliar location. 

If you do have to get connecting flights, make sure you have plenty of time from flight A to flight B in case flight A gets delayed. 

It also helps to have flights that connect in sunny southern states to avoid the second flight from being delayed due to weather. 

A good thing to do if your flight is canceled or delayed is to follow your airline and airport on social media. Oftentimes, they post the speediest updates to their Twitter feeds.