A Mercer County School District that's facing criticism for allowing transgender students to use restrooms based on their gender identity, rather than their sex, invited the community to come and learn more about their decision.

Sitting in the front row of the public meeting held Tuesday night was Daniel Hudson. The soon-to-be junior at Lakeview High School in Stoneboro identifies as male. 

Behind him at the meeting sat more than 100 parents, many of them critical of the school's decision to let students use restrooms and lockers based on their gender identity.

"I feel there is a danger for all the children with this issue coming forward," said Stoneboro resident Sue Marsh.

"Under no circumstances will the district allow harassment or bullying," said Superintendent Hendley Hoge while standing next to a panel of experts, including a medical doctor, a counselor, and lawyer. 

Hoge explained that beginning next school year the high school and middle school will have seven single-user restrooms open to anyone to use. Students can also use the public restrooms based on their gender identity, but will need to notify the school before changing restrooms.

"It'll definitely be helpful for students that are closeted and don't really want to get yelled at one way or the other," said Hudson. "It's really leading to a more open acceptance of gender variance among the general population."

The move may be controversial, but it's one the school's legal counsel says complies in the eyes of the law.