The star of the CNBC show "The Profit" swung through the Valley today, checking out a couple of his business interests.

A lot of surprised faces walked into The Simple Greek in Boardman this afternoon, when they saw Marcus Lemonis standing there, checking out one of his concepts, in action.

"I think for me, to see individual franchisees to take a simple idea and make it actually work," said Lemonis, who founded The Simple Greek brand. "It allows me to understand what the potential is."

Potential's the keyword. Lemonis also visited his new Gander Outdoors store in Niles and says he's thinking about bringing a Camping World to the Youngstown area as well.
"You see a lot of these new innovative concepts going to markets like New York and Chicago and Miami. I don't know why people think that this area can't handle it," said Lemonis.

He met with the local ownership group of the Simple Greek for about an hour, with expansion as a big theme.

"Just him being here and how much he cares about this area really solidifies to us as an ownership group that we need to put more of these up," said Sean Ferrier, part of the ownership group for The Simple Greek restaurants in Boardman and Hermitage.

"Sean and I, and Lori and Beck, we all feel that this is a concept that is kind of right at the precipice of being able to kind of take the next leap and I think we're kind of like teetering right on there and Marcus could kind of be that last little oomph that takes us over the top with it," said Ron Taylor.

Lemonis is quite familiar with the Valley beyond just his business interests in Boardman and up in Niles. He spent a lot of time as a kid in Campbell.

"I drove here on the way and I saw the Canfield sign and I thought about the Canfield Fair. It brings back a lot of memories to come here. I'm actually excited to be here," Lemonis.

   Which in turn, has the owners of the Simple Greek excited about the future.