Donald Trump Junior paid visit to Columbiana County on Thursday night. The visit was part of a fundraiser to support Ohio Attorney General, and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Mike DeWine's run for governor.

Trump's motorcade arrived to the home of Bob and Linda Sebo on Quaker Lane shortly before 6 p.m.

"There's no secret who ever controls the office of the governor is going to have a big control over the political apparatus of that state and is going to play an important role in the next presidential election," said Columbiana County Republican Party Chairman David Johnson.

The event had a large police presence, including the secret service.

The street at the corner of Highland Avenue and Quaker Lane was closed to the public. 
Several gathered in the area with signs to express their opinions on the current state of the nation.

"I think if he took anything back he'd tell his dad to tone it down a little bit and be a little bit more cooperative," said Dennis Weaver of Salem.

"He is one of the few presidents at this moment who is doing what he said he is going to do. How many presidents have promised and promised and promised," questioned Jerry Satterfield of Salem.

The fundraiser is possibly the largest for the Columbiana County Republican party and with less than six weeks until election day, every dollar could count  with recent polls saying the governor's race between Mike Dewine and Richard Cordray is too close to call.