On Tuesday, November 6 Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was officially victorious in his run for a third term in the United States Senate, now he says running for president is something he may consider.

Many people have come forward to communicate their thoughts that Brown would be a good candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

Ïn response to this, on Monday, Brown released the following statement:

"First, I love serving Ohio in the U.S. Senate and I’m grateful to Ohioans for giving me the chance to continue serving them. Running for president has never been my dream — in fact, my dream was to play center field for the Cleveland Indians. Connie and I are grateful to everyone who's reached out to urge us to think about it, particularly since the election on Tuesday. So as we look forward to spending more time with our children and grandchildren over the holiday, this is something we’ll talk about as a family.”
Senator Brown's wife, Connie Schultz, shared an article written by the Columbus Dispatch on Brown's potential running. She captioned the tweet, "We're thinking about it."

The Associated Press stated that Brown previously played down interest in joining the field, but he acknowledged in multiple interviews Monday he's listening to calls for him to run. 

Brown told The Associated Press the encouragement is coming from national Democratic Party figures.

Brown said his election shows "a strong progressive" can win, and he called his campaign "a blueprint for our nation in 2020."
Brown also mentioned to The Associated Press that he will discuss 2020 with his wife and other family members before deciding "in the next couple months."