People who live in Warren Township, just off of North Leavitt Road, tell 21 News they're convinced it was a tornado that blew through town Sunday night.

Residents say the powerful storm only lasted about 20 seconds.

Skye Kennedy-Snodgrass and her family says by the time they heard the tornado siren and ran to the basement the storm was over, "It starts getting really windy and everything, so we rush in the basement and then a tornado just like whipped through."

Homeowner Tim Archacki suffered the worst of the damage, "My power was going out, and then we went downstairs and then part of the roof you could hear it going over and through them trees."

The storm ripped the roof off of Archacki's tool shed, and toppled large trees on to his son's new car, causing severe damage and burying it with debris.
"There's no question it was a tornado.  Because if you look up there, there's parts of siding clear up in that tree up there, and there's siding clear up in that tree.  And I mean that stuff don't go up just because of a little wind, so it's definitely a tornado," Archacki said.

The roof was also blown straight off of Tim Archacki's chicken coop and over at a group of trees you can see where they're twisted and snapped off.

Just a short distance away in the city of Warren, strong winds toppled even more trees sending them crashing on to several homes while also tearing down power lines.

Max Saurel heard it all go down, "The rain dropped really fast and then next thing you know I'm like hearing branches hit the roof of the house. I was feeling the ground shake because, apparently, these trees were falling down."

Angelo Zoumas of Warren says his back sunroom and patio were destroyed, and a tree came through the roof of his garage, but he said it could all be fixed.  Zoumas said he's thankful his family wasn't home when the storm hit.  They were with other family members celebrating Father's Day.

"So we're all safe. My wife and I are safe, our son's safe.  That's the most important thing," Zoumas said.

We've also learned that Warren's McGuffy School suffered some storm damage and is without power.

A spokesperson with the district says Warren's McGuffy School will be closed on Monday.

The Inspiring Minds program that was going to be held Monday at McGuffey is also canceled.
The Inspiring Minds' activities planned at Warren's other schools will be held as scheduled.