Hermitage 2030 is what the city's new Comprehensive Plan is called. 

The last plan was created in 1993.
The Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted it Thursday at their meeting. 

"There is a saying in hockey, you skate to where the puck is going to be. That's what this city is trying to do. We are looking forward," said Bill Moder, President of Hermitage Board of Commissioners. 

The plan took 2 years to put together with the help of a consultant. 

It addresses recreation, transportation, education, land use and economic development in the next 10 years for the city. 

"I think this is a  target we want to do to make this a very vibrant city and to continue our growth in the commercial areas and to keep what we have and to make this a very livable city where people want to stay," said Moder.  

A big part of the plan is creating a vibrant community center. 

The center of that area is considered Route 18 and East State Street. 

"A center city development would consist of mixed uses. Offices, possibly residential, obviously retail and restaurants but it also would have a component of a community space like a park," said Gary Hinkson, City Manager. 

While no plans are set in stone, the comprehensive plan he said will allow the city to be ready if the opportunity presents itself. 

"We don't own any land in the town center. The city can't develop that land. But, we can make sure that our regulations and ordinances are lined up with the vision so that when we get a developer, they have a view of our vision and we can work with the developer to implement the recommendations of the plan. "