CharBenay's Wine on the River on West Market Street in Warren is the latest establishment to open downtown. 
Warren Residents like Kim Hunter said it's an exciting time in the city as more and more places seem to be renovating older buildings and turning them into attractive businesses. 
"I couldn't wait to see because I remember being in the SCOPE Senior Center when this was the SCOPE Senior Center," Hunter said.
The building looks nothing like it did before. 
It now has a rustic roman feel. 
It's a place owner Charlene Butcher said she was attracted to it because of the location and potential.  
"The developer, Mark Marvin, his wife, and Downtown Development Group, rehabbed this building and as you can see, it is amazing," said Butcher. "And I am honored to be a part of it and to be owner of CharBenay's Wine on the River."
The light menu includes appetizers, flatbreads, desserts, wine, liquor, or beer. 
It's the upscale, yet casual vibe Bob Moody says that makes the winery stand out in the area.  
"I am so impressed with this place," said Bob Moody. "We were here last week for the opening, and we just love it. We come out to sit on the patio. I am really excited for downtown Warren. 
Along with the restaurant, bar, and the patio there is a gift shop where you can buy bottles of wine and even home decor.
 A banquet center is set to open next year.