One man has been arrested after police say he may be connected to a string of thefts in Vienna and Brookfield. 

33-year-old Brandon Welz war arrested after police say he broke into Yankee Kitchen and Yankee Run Golf Course. 

Vienna Township Police were dispatched to Yankee Kitchen after an alarm was triggered. 

After police arrived and contacted the employees, they searched the building for signs of a theft or a break-in. 

According to the report, after a thorough search of the building police found that there was money taken and the main office of the business was broken into. The employees stated that approximately $1,000 was taken from the office. 

Police reviewed the security tape and saw a man climb through a window to gain entry in the back office. 

Authorities say that a separate camera caught the man jumping off the roof after disabling the security light. 

Vienna police then received a call from Brookfield police because of a break-in at Yankee Run Golf Course. 

Brookfield police called Vienna because they wanted information from the Yankee Kitchen break-in.

According to the report, Brookfield police pulled over a suspicious vehicle on Route 82. Police say that the driver was Welz's girlfriend and she was on the way to pick Welz up.  

After police identified Welz through a picture given by his girlfriend he was picked up on a warrant issued by the Vienna Township Police Department. 

Welz is facing one felony charge of theft without consent and two felony charges of Breaking and entering.