FEMA officials spent their Tuesday morning meeting with several Columbiana County officials on what they can do to get assistance after severe storms damaged their roadways.

The county's EMA director said the Ohio EMA explained the process of submitting documents and how to work with FEMA to get reimbursements.

The funding would not go to any homeowners or businesses affected.

It would just help fix roadways and bridges severely damaged during late May's storms. 

Officials said the number of damaged roadways county-wide would cost around $1.5 million to repair.

The most damage local EMA agents have seen is slips and landslides in the sides of hills, falling to the roadway below, as well as culverts washing out due to massive flooding.

The ground became thoroughly saturated in these areas, causing dangerous road damage. 

The bulk of the damage, they said, was on Fredericktown Road in St. Clair Township, with the majority of road damage in the southern part of the county. 

Officials said the next step for these township and city representatives is to submit the form for public assistance from FEMA, which many of them already did. 

FEMA met with several people, including representatives from East Liverpool, St. Clair Township, Middleton Township, Liverpool Township, Elk Run Township, Perry Township as well as the Columbiana County Engineer, the Ohio EMA, Columbiana EMA and County Commissioner Tim Weigle.