At the North Jackson Amazon facility, dozens of seasonal workers were told that they were being fired after starting at Amazon's new facility about three weeks ago. 

Amazon let go of dozens of seasonal workers on Tuesday morning. A seasonal Amazon employee tells 21 News that they were told that the job was a seasonal position, but they did not think that it would only last for a few weeks. 

"Amazon will always need delivery drivers. People order Amazon every day. Sounded promising, not just three weeks," said Kelsey Vincent, a recently fired Amazon seasonal employee. 

21 News contacted Amazon for a statement, and they said: 

"We operate in a seasonal business and throughout the year we hire seasonal associates to work with us; we appreciate their contributions.  These temporary assignments end at various times, but we keep these associates in mind for future assignments and opportunities for a variety of roles." - Amazon Spokesperson

Amazon's new facility just opened at the end of July, and earlier that month Amazon officials said that they were looking for help and planned on hiring full-time and part-time employees. 

Vincent says that Amazon did offer seasonal employees options. Vincent says that Amazon officials told them they could work part-time in the North Jackson warehouse, transfer to the Akron facility for another seasonal position or use their own car and work as a flex driver. 

Vincent added that her last day would be Thursday.