It was the FBI in Anchorage, Alaska that was drawn to the website I-funny on February 20-19 and in particular a user with the name "army of Christ". 

It wasn't until April when the FBI would be able to get an email address associated with the user and in June the user posted the alleged threat.  After a subpoena was issued to Google - the FBI received the name of the person registered to the account in July - Jason Olsen with an IP address in Boardman, Ohio. 

At this point, the case is handed over to the local FBI and by August 6th a search warrant is issued.  Among the listed items found, a large machete, a large gun vault, 10 thousand rounds of ammunition, 15 rifles and 10 semi-automatic pistols. 

21 News asked Attorney Dave Betras why did this take so long?

Some people believe during that time a mass shooting could have occurred.  Betras explained, "To arrest him you have to build a case and to build a case you have to subpoena records. The person posting this might not even live in the United States. There are hosting services that are overseas that are not required to honor a subpoena from our country. It takes time for the subpoenas to be served, and for a company to respond with the information," said Betras. 

Betras added, "In addition, we don't know what the FBI did to monitor this young man's activities. They may have obtained approval of a title three electronic surveillance application to monitor his phones, internet chats to make sure the teen was not planning anything harmful. We don't know what they did to keep an eye on him while they were building a case. We will find out more about that as this case makes its way through the court process. I am sure the FBI worked as expeditiously as possible."

Betras continues on saying that during the detention hearing, a Magistrate will determine if Olsen is a flight risk and whether the 18-year-old is a danger to himself or the community. A federal prosecutor will present evidence on why Olsen should be detained. The defendant's attorney will present evidence to the contrary and possibly character witnesses."

Betras says that Olsen may be detained, but it depends on evidence that the FBI obtained a pretrial investigation by the U-S Parole office, and evidence Olsen's defense attorney presents.

When local authorities questioned Olsen about his posts, he said they were quote "only a joke." and he admitted to making comments regarding shooting agents as a quote that's a hyperbolic conclusion based on the results of the Waco siege." and "where the ATF slaughtered families." 

Attorney Betras added,  "You can't joke about targeting people. You can say vile and disgusting things, but you can not threaten to hurt people, you can not extol others to go and hurt people. There is no freedom to threaten or cause harm."