Investigators say a Sharon man who was once accused of threatening to blow up Sharon Regional Medical Center and is currently waiting to go on trial for allegedly stabbing and strangling a woman, is now accused threatening to blow up the Mercer County Courthouse and himself along with it.

Fifty-nine-year-old Kenneth Ferri is being held in the Mercer County Jail on $50,000 bond following his arrest on multiple counts of making bomb threats and terroristic threats.

According to Mercer County District Attorney Peter Acker, Ferri told an employee of the county health commission that he wanted to commit “suicide by cop.”

Acker said that Ferri claimed he had plastique and C4 explosives that he said couldn't be detected by courthouse security or metal detectors.

Investigators say Ferri threatened that he would set off the explosives at an upcoming court hearing for a separate case charging him with attempted murder, kidnapping, strangulation, assault, burglary, and terroristic threats. Those charges stem from a March incident where Ferry allegedly stabbed a woman with a serrated knife, according to Acker.

This isn't the first time Ferri has faced similar charges. In February 2016 he was charged with making bomb threats, terroristic threats, and reckless endangering for allegedly threatening to come to Sharon Regional Medical Center with a bomb strapped to him and blow up the entire block.

Ferri ended up pleading guilty to two counts of disorderly conduct and was placed on probation under the condition that he undergo mental health evaluation and take his medications.

The next hearing in the Mercer Courthouse threat case is scheduled for August 29.