We could know in the coming months if sewer rates will be going up in Youngstown.

The wastewater fund is paying for EPA mandated upgrades to the sewage treatment plant.

The interim finance director says the wastewater fund could go into the red next year.

The city's financial consultant, Mike Abouserhal, is working on scenarios to present to the mayor, council, and the EPA by the end of September.

He gave an update Wednesday evening on an analysis of the fund over the next five years.

There are three scenarios- no rate increase, a potential rate increase, and a possible rate increase to fund phase two of the remediation plan.

A factor that won't be in the financial analysis report but the mayor says will be looked at and given to the EPA is the median income of residents.

"But also when we talk to the EPA, here's what we're saying to them, we've done our due diligence, we've looked at everything, here's what we've found, and here's another factor why we can or cannot afford this. So that will be kind of our overall summary to the EPA," said Mayor Tito Brown.