The second annual Ross Griffin Memorial Bash at the Sloas Air Field was held on Sunday afternoon. 

The event is supposed to help raise money for suicide prevention. 

The Ross Griffin Memorial is held to honor a college student who took his life about two years ago. 

"The youth of this community deserves all of the investment that they can get. I don't care if it means going to schools or if it just means being identified in the school systems as potentially needing some help, and so, if we save one life, isn't it worth it?" said Steve Lewis of the Ross Griffin Memorial Foundation. 

Last year, the event raised about $350,000. Half of the money goes to prizes that can be won during the event.  

The other half of the money is split into thirds to benefit the event and the community. 

Some of the money even helps create a scholarship for students.

WFMJ's Caroline Collins hosted a portion of the event.