An alleged shoplifter entered Boardman Center Intermediate School during a police chase on Monday, according to school officials.

School spokesperson Amy Radinovic said in a release that the school found out police were chasing the alleged shoplifting suspect, and they were headed in the school's direction. Administrators placed BCIS on lockdown, and officials say they later caught the suspect.

According to the school, they then learned from police that the suspect had quickly entered and exited BCIS through a maintenance door. 

The school emphasized that all outside doors are locked during the day but said this door had not been securely closed.

The district said a malfunctioning door latch has been fixed and apologized for the incident.

"We want parents to know our district SROs (School Resource Officers) and other Boardman Police Officers regularly and randomly check building doors. Safety is an every day, continual process that we do not take lightly. Boardman’s top priority will always be the safety and well being of our students and staff," the district said.