A Mahoning County judge has denied a convicted child rapist's request to withdraw his August guilty plea to raping a five-year-old child.

Shawn Unger, 35, appeared before Common Pleas Judge R. Scott Krichbaum Wednesday morning to make his case.

In court, Unger claimed his attorney pushed him to sign a plea deal. He also claimed his attorney did not want to enter evidence.

Judge Krichbaum ultimately denied Unger's request. 

Last month, the Washingtonville man had already been handed down a 10-year-to-life prison sentence.

Back in 2011, Unger was sentenced to seven years in prison as part of a plea deal that saved the 5-year-old victim from testifying in the case

Officials from the Department of Corrections said the day Unger was released on parole on February 25, 2018; he began raping another five-year-old child in Mahoning County.

On Tuesday, Alexandria Brooke Overholser received a one-year prison sentence after prosecutors say she allowed the child around Unger even after officials told her he was a sex offender.