According to a police report, the incident began when 18-year-old Thomas Barnes returned to his Fourth Street home Monday and became agitated with his dogs. 

Barnes reportedly came home at 3 p.m. and became angry that one of his dogs was attempting to get to another dog that was in heat in the hallway next to his brother's bedroom. 

According to a police report, Barnes grabbed the male dog by its front legs, and dragged it downstairs and then went back upstairs, grabbed the second dog by the collar and dragged it downstairs. 

It was then that Barnes allegedly went upstairs again, threw his brother down, and began punching him in the face because he did not intervene with the dogs. 

Barnes' mother tried to intervene, at which point she told police he began kicking his brother as he was trying to get up. 

Police say Barnes then went back downstairs, dragged the male dog outside and began screaming at and spitting on his mother when she tried to get him to stop. 

Police were unable to locate Barnes at the scene but arrested him around 6:30 p.m. when they found him playing basketball on Spring Street. 

Barnes faces charges of domestic violence and cruelty to animals.