The 2019 Ohio School Report Cards are now available, grading districts, schools, community schools, and Career-Technical Planning Districts.

The overall grade is calculated using results in the six components: Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers, Graduation Rate, and Prepared for Success.

Districts and schools also receive A-F grades on each of the six components and most of the individual measures. The 2019 Guide to Ohio School Report Cards provides an overview and explanation of these key components.

The Youngstown City School District received “F” grades for achievement, progress, gap closing, and prepared for success. The Ohio Department of Education awarded Youngstown “D's” for graduation rate and improving at-risk K-3 readers.

The Warren City Schools also got an “F” in the “prepared for success” category. However, the system received “D's” in achievement, progress, and gap closing. The graduation rate and improving at-risk K-3 readers earned grades of “C”

In addition to school districts, individual schools are assigned overall letter grades.

You can find your local school or district by following this link.