The City of East Liverpool is asking a judge to prevent residents from voting on whether or not they want to let the city continue using speed cameras.

City Law Director Charles Payne has filed a complaint in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court asking Judge Scott Washam to deny speed cam opponents a spot on the November ballot.

A group calling itself East Liverpool Citizens Against Traffic Cameras circulated petitions for a public vote on restricting the use of the cameras and repealing an ordinance permitting their use.

Camera opponents took the city auditor to court after he refused to certify the petitions, saying the group failed to turn them in on time.

Common Pleas Court Judge Ashley Pike ruled against the city and ordered the board of elections to grant the camera issue a spot on the ballot.

The Seventh District Court of Appeals reversed and dismissed Judge Pike's ruling, according to the city's complaint.

The city is asking Judge Washam to confirm the auditor's contention that the petitions were not filed on time, and the group should be denied a spot on the fall ballot.

Judge Washam has scheduled a hearing on Tuesday to hear motions in the case.