October 10

1994: Youngstown Police Lt.  Jimmy Hughes and Patrolman Robert Clark are building a database to identify the city's gangs by known members, colors (red for Bloods, blue for Crips), hand signs, graffiti, tattoos and clothing styles.

Lawrence County commissioners want to know how an inmate in the county jail nearly escaped. The 41-year-old Pittsburgh man scaled a 20-foot fence and negotiated razor wire before he was wounded by shotgun blasts fired by guards.

The Edna Corp. of Lorain backs out of a deal to buy the Taylor-Winfield Corp. facility on Mahoning Avenue in Warren after waiting a year for the purchase to be finalized.

1979: Poland Village, the first village in the Western Reserve, founded in 1866, is discussing a separation from Poland Township. 

Dr. Leo F. DiBlasio, 52, of Canfield, whose former wife hired Bobby Parks to kill him in 1977, dies in Acapulco, Mexico, apparently of a heart attack.

About 85 employees of the Borden Inc. processing plant in Boardman go on strike, raising the possibility of spot milk shortages in retail stores in northeastern Ohio and parts of western Pennsylvania.

1969: A manhunt by city police in the fatal stabbing of a North Side woman ends when the suspect surrenders. 

Local 53, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, and representatives of local department and clothing stores break off negotiations. The stores file a petition in federal court to halt a strike by tailors.

Ohio Atty. Gen. Paul Brown agrees to "assist in a continuing investigation" of alleged irregularities in the Warren Police Department.  Trumbull County Prosecutor David M. Griffith asked for the assistance.

1944: The post office, the library, The Vindicator, public schools and armed forces recruiting stations will be open on Columbus Day. City Hall, the courthouse, parochial schools, and civilian defense offices will be closed. 

Reorganization of the Youngstown Police Department so that more policemen may be on the streets to guard against traffic law violations is requested by Councilman Myron Price.

U.S. Sen. Robert A. Taft, R-Ohio, is scored for his attitude on federal aid to schools in a letter sent to Trumbull teachers and board members by John Berg, superintendent.