"We're very disappointed that there is no allocation of a new product coming to Lordstown," said Senator Sean O'Brien at the opening of a news conference Thursday in Warren. 

Three state lawmakers representing Trumbull County say the focus now needs to be on what's next. 

Senator O'Brien and State Representatives Michael O'Brien and Gilson Blair held a news conference Thursday in Warren 

"We're not going to sit back and do nothing," O'Brien said. 

The options include the potential for a battery plant and the newly formed Lordstown Motors Corp., whose CEO Steve Burns is seeking to acquire the Lordstown plant and produce an electric truck within a year.

A venture the lawmakers say has a commitment from GM.

"They are committed to working with him to bring that project here, that we've been assured," said O'Brien.

With GM and the auto industry moving toward electric vehicles, the lawmakers say a battery plant could be a positive for the valley.

The head of the Regional Chamber of Commerce says it may not be a new vehicle, but a battery plant would plug the Valley into the future.

"GM has announced its long term plan is to move to 100% electric. Well, those batteries are going to be built right here, and it's going to be a first of its kind in North America at least, to have a fully integrated battery production facility," James Dignan, Chamber CEO said. 

Representative O'Brien said the state must stay engaged with GM. 

"So, it's going to take a push from the Governor's office and Jobs Ohio to provide the incentives for that battery plant to be here," O'Brien said.  

The legislators say they plan to meet with the Governor to discuss all options for what's next.

 "We're going to continue to fight for the area. Fight for those projects to come in, and if they don't work, we're going to have a Plan C. We've got to keep going, we're not going to lay down," Senator O'Brien said.