It was not a pleasant morning commute for some. Icy conditions had  traffic moving  at a crawl on I-680 and some sections were shutdown for a period of time.

A number of accidents were reported. A semi truck jack-knifed in the pre-dawn hours along Interstate-80 in Liberty. A pick-up truck struck a utility pole after sliding off Delason Avenue. An SUV couldn't stop in time to avoid hitting the back of a WRTA bus on South Avenue and  a head-on crash on South Raccoon Road sent one person to the hospital.
ODOT says part of the problem was rain late Thursday that prevented pre-treating the roads. 

"So we weren't able to pretreat because of the rain and we were monitoring the pavement temperatures because that's what we worried about," Ray Marsh, ODOT spokesman said. 

The pavement temperatures stayed above freezing most of the night, but dropped suddenly starting around 4 a.m.

Once the pavement temperatures dipped and the snow was on the road it turned to ice, so our county folks jumped into action right at 5 am they were out salting the roads, at 6 am too we had fifteen plows out salting the roads," said Marsh.

Of course city crews and county crews faced those same conditions and the county had nine trucks out before 7 a.m. mainly to hit the bridges.

ODOT says it was an abnormal situation, but by mid morning roads were already clear and dry.