Police in Liberty arrested a woman Saturday evening after she lit her car on fire in a Walmart parking lot. 

Stephanie Carlson, 40, was arrested on charges of arson, inducing panic, and criminal damaging.

Police and Fire were called to the Liberty Walmart around 3:37 for a vehicle fire.

Responding personnel noticed the owner of the vehicle acting strange. 

Carlson initially told police the fire started because there was a can of gasoline in the trunk and she had lit a candle to get the smell out. 

Carlson later told police she had poured gas on the seats of the car and started the fire using a lighter. 

When police asked the reasoning behind the fire, Carlson said the car was dirty, and there was a problem with the front wheel. 

Security footage from the parking lot shows Carlson starting the fire. 

According to police Carlson's clothing smelled of gasoline.

The vehicle belonged to Carlson's husband, who said he had been looking for his wife all day. 

Carlson was taken into custody, and police discovered a lighter and mothballs in her purse. 

Carlson's husband told police that she had allegedly been caught huffing paint thinner and mothballs recently.

The parking spot was damaged during the fire, but no injuries were reported.