Nearly a month after casting their votes, the people of East Liverpool's voices have loudly rejected the continued use of traffic cameras in the city. 

By a tally of 1,560 to 604, a ballot initiative to stop using the cameras was approved when votes were cast on Tuesday afternoon. 

The measure appeared on the ballot on November 5, but an ongoing court battle held up counting the votes until an order from the court. 

The question on the ballot read "Shall the proposed ordinance preventing the City of East Liverpool from using mobile speed enforcement vehicles and traffic law photo-monitoring devices in the City of East Liverpool be adopted?" 

The citizen group behind the initiative, East Liverpool Citizens Against Traffic Cameras, had been fighting the city in court over the initiative, which they said came down to the right of the people to have their voices heard through the voting process. 

21 News is following the story and will have reaction from city officials, as well as whether there could still be any future legal challenges, tonight at six and on the 21 News app.