As Hubbard Township Trustees continue to weigh their options about how to move forward with the police force, some residents say they're not going to tolerate losing their township police department and having the sheriff's department take over.

About 30 people packed Pizza Joes on Youngstown Hubbard Road to meet with Trustee Tom Jacobs on Sunday.

The purpose of the community meeting was so Jacobs could speak with people about their concerns and ideas for solutions.

"These people, these officers, these are our family and friends. We think between the three of us, the township trustees, our committee, and the police force, we can save them. And that's what we are here to do," Diana Edwards of Hubbard said. 

Last week, the trustees decided to unanimously reject the fact-finder's report and continue to try and save the police department.

Township officials say money is tight in the township, and even levies may not be able to fund the department.

On the other hand, the police union voted to accept the report.

The issue will now go into conciliation.