People refusing to heed the recycling restrictions are forcing changes at a popular Memorial Day destination in Austintown.

Township Trustee Jim Davis told 21 News on Monday that he will ask the park superintendent to close the gate at the entrance to the 9/11 Memorial Park and recycling site along Raccoon road.

At around 8 am Monday, even though the bins were overflowing, cars could be seen still placing boxes and other recycling materials on the ground outside the bins.

A gate has been installed at the park entrance to prevent people from dumping when the bins are full. However, Davis says people can still visit the 9/11 Memorial if they park at the Middle School and walk across the road to the park.

Davis says trustees cut down a tree near the recycling bins to install lighting that will help authorities monitor improper dumping.

In a recent Facebook post, Davis pointed out that the township has nothing to do with recycling other than to provide a location for the bins.

Davis, who asks people to wait another day to recycle when the bins are full, is hopeful that the Mahoning Green Team will resume curbside recycling soon.

Trustees are scheduled to vote this week on seeking a $12 thousand grant to work the Mahoning County Solid Waste Management District to stop open dumping near the 9/11 Memorial Park.

The 9/11 Memorial Park is dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives during terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.