Some people who attended the "November Rain" event at the Eastwood Mall Saturday night were startled by what they described as an "explosion" after the fireworks finale. 

21 News reached out to the Niles Fire Department and officials explained the "explosion" was completely planned.

The videos and pictures posted to social media of the ball of fire shows what is actually called a "fire ball" or a flame effect, according to Niles Fire Inspector Greg Rowley. 

He said all precautions were put in place and a separate permit was granted for the fireworks company to conduct the flame effect. 

He said no one was injured and fire inspectors were out at the site just in case. 

One fire inspector went to Facebook after the event to quell any concerns people might have had. 

"The ball of fire that happened this evening at November Rain was planned. It is called a flame effect. It requires a separate license from the Ohio State Fire Marshall's Office than a Fireworks license. The City of Niles Fire Department has a Certified Fire Safety Inspector and 2 firefighters in an engine at every permitted fireworks shoot. It's a very long day for that Inspector, as he has to be there from when the fireworks arrive on scene, until the end of the shoot. Everyone at the fireworks shoot is safe."

-Niles Fire Inspector Andrew Bickerstaff