As COVID-19 cases have continued to decline across the United States, people may be wondering if an end to the pandemic is in sight. But doctors say that even this spring, it's unlikely enough people will be vaccinated to make things feel normal.

With more vaccines out there, there is some positive news though. 

According to Dr. Munir Shah with the Trumbull Regional Medical Center, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines will hopefully be on the market by April or May. He says that will have a huge impact on bringing down the number of cases. 

However, doctors seem to agree that whatever people have not been doing for the past year, they can expect to keep not doing it this spring. On the other hand, Shah is optimistic about this summer. 

"I think we will have a much better summer this year where we'll see less and less cases and going back to more normal life, but I don't think the mask is going away," Shah said.