Lordstown Motors is facing a tough test Saturday as the SCORE San Felipe 250 starts in Mexico.

The electric vehicle company entered their Endurance in the brutal desert race to show the toughness, high impact terrain capability and versatility of their truck.

350 vehicles are built for the San Felipe 250 each year and less than half cross the finish line.

21 News spoke with auto analyst John McElroy of Autoline who called Lordstown Entering the race "a huge risk."

"Lordstown is taking a huge risk by getting into this race, however, if the truck has a good day, it's going to prove that the truck has reliability, durability, and that's something they desperately need to prove at this point," said McElroy.

The race itself covers grueling terrain that will definitely test the Endurance and the charging equipment needed to fuel the truck.

Its expected that it will take the winner of the race nearly 10 hours to finish, making charging equipment necessary for Lordstown Motors.

According to the SCORE website, Matthew and James Blanchard of Salem will be manning the truck during the race.

The Endurance began the race around 2:10 p.m.

You can track the Endurance by clicking here.