A mother of three children has been sentenced following a police investigation into a bizarre incident at her Howland home.

Madison Culver, 19, began serving a month-long jail term Thursday after being convicted for assault and child endangering.

Culver and the 24-year-old father of her children, Lucas Snyder, were arrested after police and paramedics were called to their Elmwood Ave. NE home on March 25.

Police say they arrived to find a woman changing the diapers of two children in the front yard. Both children were covered in their own feces.

The woman told police she had seen one of the children hanging out of a window at the home. Another child was found playing with water in the bathtub, according to the report which says the children ranged in age from 8 months to three years.

Police say a man walking outside the home had lipstick and eyeliner on his face, and penises drawn on his arms. Snyder appeared to have white cat whiskers painted on his face.

Once inside the home, police say they found the kitchen full of dirty dishes, insects, and so much garbage on the floor that it was difficult to walk, according to the report.

A woman sitting on a mattress in a back room was nodding off, say police.

What police describe as vomit was on the hallway wall and floor, which was littered with trash and dirty clothes. An old hamburger was on a bed that was stained in feces.

In the bathroom police found a litter box that apparently hadn’t been cleaned out in weeks.

There was standing water in the bathtub, said officers.

The back bedroom floor was littered with trash, food, diapers, and broken dishes on the nightstand.

The report said there were also two large bottles that appeared to be filled with urine. Liquid had hardened inside baby bottles and sippy cups.

Police also seized a bong and several marijuana pipes from the home.

When Snyder refused to leave the home, police say they had to wrestle him to the ground. The report said that Culver was arrested after repeatedly striking an office and a medic with her fists.

Both parents were taken to jail.  The children were turned over to the care of grandparents.

In addition to the jail sentence, Culver will be on probation for two years and cannot see her children without prior approval of Children’s Services.

Snyder, who is charged with three counts of child endangering,  as well as resisting arresting and obstructing official business, faces another hearing in Warren Municipal Court next month.