The city of Youngstown plans to take legal action against the developer of the Chill Can Plant on the city's east side. 

Mitchell Joseph has been in charge of construction of the plant, which broke ground in 2016 and had the intention of opening its doors in fall of 2019.

However, the city said after months of missed deadlines for both construction and hiring, the city gave Joseph's company 60 days to meet benchmarks promised, or else they would see him in court. 

According to Youngstown Law Director Jeff Limbian, the two sides became too far apart in their negotiations, which broke down Wednesday.

He said Joseph's lawyers wanted to give the city $250,000 for the project to keep going. 

However, the city is now demanding restitution of about $2 million because the city claims the company hasn't held up its end of a deal and has left taxpayer dollars tied up in an uncompleted project.

Limbian said the city will be filing a case in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court within the next two weeks. 

21 News has reached out to Joseph's lawyer, Brian Kopp, who provided this statement.

“If the city wants a legal fight, We will give it to them. Cases are won in courtrooms not press conferences and the contracts, not wishful thinking, define the City’s rights and remedies."