Warren City Police have arrested two adults and charged them with endangering three young children.

Autumn Hunt and Ryan Williamson of Warren were taken into custody after leaving their children home alone without feeding them on Friday, according to a police report. Hunt was charged with two counts of endangering children, and Williamson was charged with one.

Police arrived near Fifth Street SW in Warren after a neighbor called and said the children had went to her place and told her they were home alone around 2:45 p.m.. 

The oldest child, a ten-year-old, told police that she went to school early in the morning. She then said the two younger children did not go because they slept in. 

The youngest children, who are seven and six, told officers that their parents left them after the oldest child went to school. They stated to officers that they had not eaten all day.

All three children asked police if they could show them a hole in their parents bedroom wall. They told authorities that Hunt and Williamson had been fighting every night. They also said Williamson had been abusive lately and that Hunt is a recovering drug addict.

The children told police their parents may have been at a car lot. Officers contacted both Hunt and Williamson to no answer, and were on the scene for about an hour before having child services transport the children to the Warren police station.

Child services got in contact with two of the children's grandmother who now has custody of the children after creating a safety protection plan.

Hunt and Williamson later arrived at the police station and were put into custody. 

Hunt told officers there was no excuse and she did not know why she left the children at home, according to a police report.

She also told officers her and Williamson had gone to the Giant Eagle on Elm Road in Warren to try and get car titles switched.