The U.S. Department of agriculture cited exotic animal sanctuary Noah's Lost Ark in August for critical handling of animals.

The USDA came to inspect the sanctuary, which is located in Berlin Center, after animal rights activist organization PETA alerted them that a man named Larry Wallach was given permission to enter a tiger cage at the facility in May. He arrived with an electric cattle prod and a dog.

Wallach was visiting a 10-month-old tiger named Sheba whom he gave to Noah's Lost Ark after she outgrew her cage at his residence in New York.

The USDA inspection says that the facility is to correct their behavior from the day of inspection onward.

"Allowing a man and a dog inside a cage with a tiger is asking for trouble," says PETA Foundation Associate Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, Michelle Sinnott. "PETA urges the public to steer clear of reckless roadside zoos, which routinely endanger animals and the public."

Wallach was cited for multiple Animal Welfare Act violations after a separate incident where he shocked the same tiger on Facebook Live.

Noah's Lost Ark has not been open to the public since the end of March 2021 due to COVID-19 recommendations from their veterinarians.

21 News reached out to Noah's Lost Ark for comment and so far have received no response.