A knife-wielding 3-year-old with no adult supervision prompted a police response after reportedly running through a Warren neighborhood with the object on Monday night.

Police were called after a man driving his truck down Glenwood Street NE near Warren G. Harding High School had to veer to the other lane because he saw the the toddler standing closely by the road. The child then ran into the street making the driver stop so they would not run under the truck, officers said.

According to a police report, the driver then noticed the child carrying a large bread knife. The toddler began to stab the man's truck with the knife before walking away into a front yard. The driver pulled over to call first responders and kept an eye on the child until they arrived.

The 3-year-old was standing in a window and still holding the knife when officials showed up on scene. One officer said that there was a sheath on the object before they confiscated it.

The child told police that their grandfather was in the basement doing laundry while the incident occurred. 

The reporting officer had been at the residence several times while the grandfather was supposed to be watching the child. The officer reminded the grandfather that on each occasion, he was nowhere to be found, leaving the child alone with no surveillance. 

Police then called the child's mother who sent the father to pick them up because she was at work.

Warren Police contacted child services to advise them of the situation. No charges have been pressed against the grandfather.

Nobody was reportedly injured in the incident and any damage to the knife-beaten truck is undocumented.