With Valentine's Day a week away, love is in the air, and for florists, that means business is picking up.

"Well, we're busy, very, very busy. We've got a big season coming up," manager of Blooming Crazy Flowers, Ann Marie Velchek said.

It is undoubtedly playing a role in the nationwide flower shortage. Though local shops like Blooming Crazy Flowers and Lemon Tree Flowers say they're prepared.

"So everyone loves the red roses but we have so many different colors coming in," Velchek said.

Consumers can expect a small uptick in price this year. At Lemon Tree, the cost of red roses rose from $4 per rose to $5. At Blooming Crazy, the price rose from $4 to $6.

Another change coming this year is the time florists need to prepare certain custom arrangements. 

"Order ahead." Dan Malanowski, manager of Lemon Tree Flowers, said. "That way we can do custom work, and if you want something specific, we can try and get it in."

And even if you're the latest of last-minute shoppers, there will still be options come Feb. 14.

"We'll have a bunch of things ready to grab and take," Velchek said.